Coronavirus - District response

Dear Friends,


I last wrote to you at the beginning of January when we had just gone into the third national lockdown and when, on the basis of the evidence and statistics, I discouraged public worship for the time being.


As we move through the steps away from lockdown and the vaccination programme continues apace, I know that some churches will be considering re-opening.


As I previously wrote, the decision is within the gift of managing trustees; if a risk assessment has been done, and if people adhere to protocols around distancing, wearing masks, handwashing and cleaning, then public worship could resume.


If you decide to proceed with reopening, please consult with your Superintendent minister. There is also the support of the District team and useful information on the Methodist Church in Britain website.


We pray for God’s continued wisdom and guidance at this challenging time.



God Bless





Official Guidance from Connexional Property Team


The Coronavirus Guidance for Property page has been updated to reflect the lifting of most legal restrictions that took place on the 19 July. Read more here.



Coronavirus/ COVID 19

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