District Evangelism Team

The District Evangelism team includes at least one representative from each Circuit plus anyone with a particular passion for evangelism or experience in it. 

District Evangelism Team Strategy - The Motivation for Evangelism

Evangelism will only be effective if it is motivated by the following:

  • A passion for God and a personal understanding of the Good News
  • Compassion and love for those not yet Christian
  • A heart for church renewal

Evangelism will not be effective if it motivated solely by the desire for the growth and survival of individual churches.

Key Principles

The following key principles are embodied in the evangelism strategy:

  • Evangelism will only be effective if we remain dependent upon and guided by the Holy Spirit.
  • Evangelism will only be effective if it is supported by prayer: it is recommended that a District prayer group is formed to pray for District events and activities.
  • The essential first step of the evangelism strategy is to inspire the leaders of the churches, both lay and ordained, including lay workers and stewards.  These people will in turn be encouraged to inspire and motivate their churches and hence individuals within their churches.
  • The evangelism strategy will include the provision of a range of events, resources, training opportunities and workshops, recognising the varied target groups within the District.
  • Each Circuit/church will be encouraged and enabled to identify a local evangelism strategy that is appropriate to its own situation, prior to embarking on a program of training, activities or events.  It is recognised that some Circuits and Churches are already active in many of these areas and the Evangelism Team would hope to offer resource and support.
  • Gifted evangelists in the District must be identified so that they can be encouraged and employed to the best effect.
  • To encourage particular worship events within Churches and Circuits that are evangelistic.
  • Local Preachers conduct the majority of services in our Circuits and must therefore be included in the evangelism strategy.
  • The evangelism strategy must include provision for young people; all-age and multi-ethnic groups; and where appropriate non-English speaking congregations.
  • The evangelism strategy must be flexible so that it remains applicable within the changing nature of the Methodist Church .
  • The most effective form of evangelism involves church members witnessing to acquaintances outside church and personally inviting them to events. 


"Alive and Kicking" - A DVD of District initiatives

Evangelism Resource list

The listed resources relate directly or indirectly to evangelism and are personally recommended by members of the Bolton & Rochdale Methodist District Evangelism Team. For each resource there is a brief description, details of how to obtain it and an indication of situations for which it is most suitable.


Training Courses

Church Assessment and Renewal

For Young People

Useful Websites

Ideas for Posters Outside Your Church