Worship Leaders

New Worship Leaders Course

The Family Friendly Churches Trust has been concerned for some time that the Worship Leaders Course has become very dated and so has acted to publish a new one. “Leading Contemporary Worship” is now available as a Leader’s Handbook and a CDrom of PowerPoint slides, OHP slides and handouts as PDF files. 

The course assumes that worship leaders will be given more responsibility in the preparation and leadership of worship and so is geared up to prepare worship leaders thoroughly to do this. It includes sections on using music, preparing a “time of worship”, using a data projector, encouraging the “spiritual gifts” and leading worship when children are present. It has been road tested in a circuit and members of the trust have also been given an opportunity to explore and comment about it. In total it has 8 teaching sessions and 7 reflection sessions. 

It can also be used as a refresher course for worship leaders and local preachers. The leader’s handbook is available separately and could be used individually by those on the course and also those just interested in the topic. 

There are more details and you can purchase a copy at: http://www.familyfriendlychurches.org.uk/NewSite