Don’t Duck Discipleship

Discipleship is a key theme for the Methodist Church, and in the North West Region, we have loads available to support people who are just setting out in exploring what it means to follow Jesus, through to people who want something deeper.


Film Club

The Methodist Church is increasingly committed to Deepening Discipleship, and considering whole life discipleship, this inevitably leads to questions of calling and purpose. The Film Club material is a non threatening introduction to all of that. The Film Club information is all ready and attached for you to use as you want.

The pack includes an A5 poster, an info sheet about the licences needed and discussion materials all on the theme of journeying, exploring calling, and issues of whole life discipleship.

The films are:
Finding Nemo
The Mission
Whale Rider
Happy Feet
Little Miss Sunshine

How does this work?
1. You pick a film you think your group would like / is culturally relevant.
2. You decide what format will work in your context...
2a. watch the film separately and discuss together (like a book club),
2b. have a film night with short discussion
2c. have a film night and a discussion on another occasion
2d. have a film night and discussion sheets taken away for people to consider on their own.


Inspiring Discipleship


This is an opportunity for you to meet in a small group for a minimum of sessions and explore together, opportunity to Get Out More and meet other Christians working for God in exciting ways.

Your Journey of Faith, the Bible and God’s call, the Church and discipleship.

The materials are all here:

Intro session

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

After this, if you want to meet 3 more times contact Alison Parker, Training Officer who will put you in touch with folk to lead sessions on themes the group want to explore.


Step Forward

Further info

A Dicipleship resource for small groups. There are two training sessions for facilitators in the North West this church year which you can book for via this website.

This is excellent material for adults and older young people who want to explore the foundations of Christian faith in a relaxed interactive way.



9  month study of almost all of the Bible. Life changing for all who get involved. To hear Kath's story read the attachment below 'exhortation of Disciple'