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Methodist app now available on App Store 

The Methodist Church announced the launch of their first app for iPhone and iPod touch. The Methodist App enables people to view daily bible studies, prayers and news from the Church.
Toby Scott, Director of Communications and Campaigns, said, “In today’s society our lives are busier, fuller and more distracted than ever before. We hope this app will offer Christians from all backgrounds a little spiritual oasis in the midst of their busy lives. This is only the start for how we’ll use these technologies, but already this is something that people will find useful and inspiring.” 

The Methodist App features include:

  • Daily audio and written Bible studies, featuring a different author each week
  • Prayer of the day
  • The latest news stories from the Methodist Church in Britain
  • Topical podcasts from Methodist Web Radio
  • The latest tweets from the Church’s Twitter feeds 

The Methodist App is available now for free via


Twelvebaskets resources (

You’ve taken a great photo or wrote an amazing skit, what do you do with it now? Use it once, file it away on your computer and forget about it? Or upload it to a website where it can be used again and again by others all over the world?
This was the concept behind A creative resource site full of photographs, illustrations, stories, scripts, songs, paintings and prayers, everything you need for a sermon, assembly, presentation or many other uses. The process is simple, if something is 100% your own work you can upload it to the site. Images and written work can be downloaded by members (for an annual subscription) and other digital content such as video, animations and powerpoint can be purchased by anybody (priced individually). The contributor of the work gains a royalty every time it is downloaded, as well as the knowledge that their creation is being enjoyed again rather than buried on their hard drive.
Twelvebaskets is a resource sharing site, who's initial setup was funded by the Methodist church. 
Our site is aimed at web designers, leaders of worship and preachers.


Wesley on line!

Note that people should check with the BBC before using any of the audio material in services etc.


At Hand Creations
Creations that promote the Christian message:
"The kingdom of God is AT HAND" (Mark 1:15)

Since working on the District Harvest resource "The Gathering", At Hands Creations picked up on what churches were saying - they often recognised the value and importance of using visuals to convey the Good News within worship and the world but actually doing that required time, energy and technical/artistic abilities that were beyond the vast majority of churches.

At Hands Creations looked around and found that no resource was available to help churches - and then came the idea: The At Hand Worship Visuals Disc!

The past 20 months have been spent developing the At Hand Worship Visuals Disc. It contains over 300 visuals purposely created to focus God's people in worship. The visuals are lectionary-linked and also theme and style linked so the disc's Worship Visuals Browser can suggest the right visuals for your act of worship - Click and go visuals! Lots and lots of help and inspiration is included on the disc to help churches use visuals and use them well.

For further details visit: