Mission Statement

We are a District that ...

  • is confident in the Gospel
  • accepts the centrality of local mission and ministry
  • encourages collaborative and accountable patterns of work
  • attempts to unify the Church, while rejoicing in diversity
  • minimises bureaucracy, whilst providing support
  • shares positive stories
  • designs structures to serve local churches and our schools
  • believes in the Kingdom of God in church and society
  • commends 'Our Calling' as an effective model of church life
  • gives thanks for the eleven Methodist and Anglican/Methodist Primary Schools within the District
  • commends Fresh Expressions of Church alongside other models
  • engages with Churches overseas, with focus on mission projects in South Africa

Common Concerns

  • Evangelism and Mission
  • Learning to live with fewer Presbyters and discovering new models of ministry
  • Releasing Ministers for ministry
  • Creative working and effective working with Regional Training Officer, District Development Enabler and District Evangelism Enabler
  • Discern the will of God and, where necessary, work to reconfigure appropriate Circuits for ‘worship, evangelism and mission’
  • Some undue pressure on some lay and ordained leaders
  • Ecumenical co-operation - as an expression of Mission
  • Spiritual Growth

About The Methodist Church

The Methodist Church is the third-largest Christian church serving Great Britain, with nearly 300,000 members and regular contact with over 800,000 people. It has over 6,000 churches in Great Britain, and also maintains links with other Methodist churches totalling a worldwide membership of 70 million. Its activities, both alone and with ecumenical and secular partners, are based on four aims known as Our Calling

  • To increase awareness of God's presence and to celebrate God's love
  • To help people to grow and learn as Christians through mutual support and care
  • To be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice
  • To make more followers of Jesus Christ.