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District Newsletter – April 2021

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Welcome to the Bolton and Rochdale District Newsletter.

This edition includes details about events, dates for your diaries, training opportunities, vacancies, links and contacts.

If you have any information to share please contact us so we can include in future editions.

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Dear Friends


Holy Week and Easter have been different again. As one who has always enjoyed and found it a privilege to lead worship in this most solemn and celebratory time, I have greatly missed the usual build-up to and the climax of Easter. Online worship has met a need - and some would argue the needs of those we don’t always engage with – but personally I have felt that my Lent and Easter experience has been diminished by not meeting face to face, or even mask to mask, with other Christians.


There are a number of challenging scenarios before us at the moment. How can we ensure that those who have benefitted from the efforts to reach out (through online worship, social media, newsletters etc) don’t suddenly find themselves back in the wilderness because those offerings cease? What will we do to repair the damaged or even broken means of fellowship? How can we re-engage with those groups who prior to Covid 19 used our premises, and relatedly, are there new links we can make with other community groups?


In this season of resurrection, what new opportunities will emerge as we come out of Lockdown to a changed and changing church and society? For the next few weeks many will be focussing on the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. A chastening verse comes in Matthew 28:17 – the verse before the Great Commission: “And when they saw him they worshipped him; but some doubted” (RSV).  The suggestion is that not all the disciples recognised or believed it was Jesus. I am aware that at the present time, there is doubt around in some quarters about how we as a church will recover from what has happened in the past year. We should take heart that the same Spirit which inspired the first disciples (including, presumably those who doubted) will go before us and lead us as we find some new (and return to some old!) ways of spreading the Good News of Jesus.


God bless





A letter from Rev Paul Martin following the God In Love Unites Us Synod


30 March 2021


To: All members of Bolton and Rochdale District Synod


Dear Friends


Last Saturday we had our “God in Love Unites Us” special Synod. I want to record my thanks to all those who helped to prepare for the Synod and to Heather and Katie for their assistance with the technology. I also want to thank those who attended and especially those who took part in the debate. Sally Thornton set a good tone for the debate with her opening devotions and I was impressed by the gracious and sensitive way in which people made their contributions. The subject matter arouses strong emotions but I felt that all the contributions were respectful toward those with differing views.


The voting was as follows:





Resolution 10/2



Resolution 10/3



Resolution 10/7



Resolution 10/8



Resolution 10/9




(The discrepancies in the totals are accounted for by a very small number who abstained).


It is interesting to note that the attendance was up on the September Synod last year. Of the 30% who didn’t attend, about half sent their apologies. The remaining 15% either did not reply to the calling notice or were no-shows on the day. 31% of those present spoke in the debate; of that percentage,74% were ministers and 26% lay.


Whilst there are many who will be pleased with the outcome, very few will be happy; all of us will know someone who is upset. Many people are hurting, and whilst the Conference still has to meet, the trend seems to be in favour of the proposals contained in the report. This is no time for triumphalism. It is a time for prayer and expressing our deep desire that God will heal, restore and renew. We still have a gospel to proclaim.


God bless





Spotland Methodist Church Rochdale and Littleborough Circuit.


Yes we are open, we are Church.


The building may be closed but we are not.


The people, the community the volunteers are church.  Spotland Methodist Church set back on a main road that if you followed it too far would take you onto the moors in Rochdale may look closed but it most certainly is not.   We may not be meeting in person, but letter, cards, cake boxes, telephone calls and much more have travelled around the Spotland area and beyond. 


Right before the first lockdown a local councillor asked, offered, enquired if we needed any grants, funds etc.  Well, I am never one to say no so I hastily put pen to paper, well fingers to key board and after a bit of advice applied for two grants.   If our toddler group and Friday toddler worship were ever to come back into the building things would need to change.  We now have a collection of the most beautiful brightly coloured builders’ trays to help separate and provide family pods to play and create on. A huge pile of cleaning equipment and a few ride along and balance bikes and toys which we are currently loaning to some of our families with young children.  (This is on long term loan with through cleaning and COVID-19 guidelines adhered to).


The other successful grant was in partnership with the local Co-op shops and local councillors to collect, clean and provide uniforms to local schools to help those in need, this is definitely something of benefit to this area.  Our church hall is now full of more donated new and pre loved uniforms, shoe, warm winter coats and blazers than we have hangers, shoe racks and clothes rails for. A local launderette has offered to launder the uniforms and make any repairs needed.   This has definitely become a community project.  I would normally be going into these school taking assemblies, re-creating parts of the Bible through drama and making links.  This is practically impossible at the moment so we have to be creative. Providing uniforms keeps this link alive, the schools know we are there for them, we are praying for them and we haven’t forgotten about them.   Two large bin bags of uniforms were collected for a local special needs school and a local primary nursery department has already made use of a few bags.  The grant help provide, steamers, clothes rails, shoe storage and cleaning equipment.  Many thanks to Councillor Massey and Rochdale Council.


So basically, what I am saying is to keep applying for grants, talk to your local councillors, make links, our congregation may not be very tec savvy but the circulation of the Church magazine has gone from under 50 to over 100 during lockdown. Keeping spirits up, connecting people and providing hope.


Every Blessing to you all and may we meet together soon.


Leonie O’Donoghue

Church and Community Lay Worker

Spotland Methodist Church

Rochdale and Littleborough Circuit.




Cornerstone – VH Hub Project


Drop-in Centre Volunteers Needed!


VH Hub, based at the Walker Building, Victoria Hall in Bolton, is an exciting new project which seeks to provide a safe, welcoming environment where ex-offenders, those at risk of offending, the homeless, those with substance-misuse issues and other vulnerable groups in the community can access friendly, non-judgemental guidance to local agencies and partner organisations to enable them to make positive, life changing choices.  

Cornerstone is a partnership between The Methodist Church and Langley House Trust which is supporting churches to develop outreach projects that will provide help to vulnerable people, including ex-offenders in their communities.

Langley House Trust is a leading offender-rehabilitation Christian charity which provides housing and other supported services to ex-offenders and those at risk of offending so they can live crime-free and thrive in the community.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for volunteers who have a heart for helping vulnerable and disadvantaged people.  You will be non-judgemental, discrete, and have great interpersonal skills including listening and communication skills. 

What will you be doing?

Working with a small team of volunteers, you will:

  • Welcome new visitors to the Hub and make them feel welcome;
  • Provide simple refreshments and a listening ear to visitors;
  • Through informal chats, identify areas where visitors would like some support;
  • Provide information and signpost visitors to relevant organisations and agencies;
  • Ensure the wellbeing and safety of visitors and other volunteers;
  • Assist with the monitoring of the service and it’s outcomes

Want to know more?

To find out more, please join us for an information session on 19th April 2021 at 10.30am on Zoom.

To register your interest and receive a Zoom link please contact:

Paula Smithson, Church Engagement Officer, Cornerstone

Email: p.smithson@langleyhousetrust.org

Phone: 07734 147314


MWiB Easter Offering 2021 - recorded service and donating information


We are delighted to announce the completion of the promised video-recording of this year's Easter Offering Service, 'Into all the world', which is now available for you to watch on our brand new MWiB YouTube channel. The video has been produced by the MWiB Executive, and lasts around 45 minutes. With the text of the service on screen, and recordings of hymns and songs to join in with, the video is ideal particularly for smaller groups (if able to meet) and for individuals to watch at home.

If you're unable to meet, why not arrange a time for your group to watch it at home 'together-apart', and perhaps arrange an online/Zoom chat over coffee afterwards?

You will also find at the end of the service the following information regarding payment of donations to the Easter Offering (and please note especially that however you make your donation, you need to reference it for "Easter Offering 2021", so that it can be counted in this year's total):

~ Any offerings made via the EO service are wholly donated to the World Mission Fund. If you would like to donate directly, via the Just Giving page, please visit www.justgiving.com/mcfworldmission/donate and reference your donation with EO Service 2021. You can also access this page via the Methodist Church website (www.methodist.org.uk) when you search for World Mission Fund.

~ If you would like to make an offering in your usual way, please contact your treasurer with the offering and make sure they know it is for the World Mission Fund.

~ Offerings can also be made to the WMF via Bank Transfer with the reference EO 2021. You can access this information from your church or regional group.

The link to the YouTube video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg9uuQq_6qM&t=2s

All of this information, with accompanying links, is available on the MWiB website: www,mwib.org.uk

Best wishes

Judith R Simms
Communications Officer
Methodist Women in Britain






 An appeal that is from the Liverpool School of Tropical  Medicine

Malawi is here


The appeal asks that we, who are so lucky to have our vaccinations free on the Health Service, donate the price of a vaccine (£25) to Malawi and other African countries who have no health service and no vaccines to date.


I am aware that the Government is supposed to be donating through Covax, but this is an individual response to say thanks for what we have.

I am sure you are aware that PPE etc. has been in very short supply and the LSTM started this appeal off to supply PPE to Malawi etc, realising that this was the first step.


LSTM have a young graduate working in Zomba Hospital in Malawi.

As Christians, Jesus ask for our commitment to the poor and needy and this appeal is one of those appeals that is to serve that need.


Please go to the website detailed above - it tells you all about the appeal and who it helps and how to donate.


Thank you!


Jenny Ashcroft,

Local Preacher, Skelmersdale LEP





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22nd or 24th May 2021 9.30am-12.15pm via Zoom*


A Warmed Heart

“About a quarter before nine …... I felt my heart strangely warmed ……”

These are some of the most well-known words in the Methodist Church.  John Wesley’s famous experience at a meeting in Aldersgate Street, London, is regarded as key to his ministry and to the development of the British Methodist Church.

What did it mean to John Wesley?  What significance might it have for us?

We shall spend the morning in guided reflection and quiet exploring the faith development of John Wesley and the role of a warmed heart for both him and today’s disciples.


Programme for the morning

9.30am                             Welcome & Introduction        Opening Prayers          

10.00am                           Session 1: Going through the motions

11.00am                           Session 2: Living through the depths

12 noon                           Conclusion      Closing Prayer                             

12.15pm                           Finish                      


To led by Rev Judith Jessop, a Methodist pioneer presbyter from Sheffield

If you would like to attend* please e-mail Gill Dascombe chair@reflectretreats.co.uk stating which date you would like to attend, or if you are flexible.

*This is the first of two Quiet mornings exploring Wesley’s spiritual journey. Part 2 will be held in the early autumn, dates to be advised.


There is no charge for this event, but donations (£5 suggested) may be made to Reflect:Lloyds Bank, Sort code 30 96 18, Account no 02833113, ref Quiet Day


All We Can

All We Can (the Methodist relief and development agency) host a live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:17 pm (inspired by Col 1:17 – ‘In Christ all things hold together’). You can watch these by following All We Can on Facebook or YouTube – just search for allwecanuk or visit allwecan.org.uk


Online courses at Cliff College

[Through Women in the Bible] I have been inspired to look at the difficult issues with fresh eyes and a better understanding. I have been encouraged to look again at those passages in the Bible which seem to criticise women and look down on them, and find they do nothing of the kind.

I’ve just finished Studies in Ephesians, and I must say WOW! I listened to each section at least three times, there was just so much in it.

If you haven't checked out Cliff College’s online courses yet, what are you waiting for? We have a variety of courses available, all self-paced so you can work through the teaching in your own time. See a full list of available and upcoming courses on our website:

For more information, email enquiries@cliffcollege.ac.uk


Beginning Chaplaincy  

A course for people interested in becoming chaplaincy volunteers  or supporters

Session One - Caught up in the Mission of God

Session Two - As Christ in the world

Session Three - The Spirit of Chaplaincy

Session Four - The Cloak of Chaplaincy

Session Five - What do Chaplains do?

Session Six - Chaplaincy in today’s world


Each session includes prayer, Bible readings, reflection and discussion.

For more details, contact Rev Caroline Ainger, Chaplain at The Brick, by email: Caroline@thebrick.org.uk



Following the huge disappointment of having to cancel the weekend at Swanwick in 2020, we have been determined to offer something in 2021, but sadly, we have made the decision not to meet face to face at Swanwick because of the ongoing uncertainties of life with Covid 19, and the need to keep everyone as safe as possible. However, we are delighted to be able to invite you to ‘Together, with Hope on the Way’, an online conference taking place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April 2021. It will be different to our previous conferences, but nevertheless is an exciting new venture, which will be accessible to a wider audience.

Our keynote speaker Sister Imelda Poole will be joining us ‘virtually’ from Albania, to talk about her work educating and training young people to help prevent them becoming trafficked. There will also be worship, prayer and Bible study, plus news and information on the work of the World Federation, and a chance for us to celebrate 'together' the tenth anniversary of MWiB.

You can find more information and register your interest now on the MWiB website: https://mwib.org.uk/index.php/2021/01/15/swanwick-2021-together-with-hope-on-the-way/

I hope you'll consider joining us - and please pray for the conference as we continue to prepare and as we meet online.


RSVP - Listening for God's Invitation 

We would like to let you know about a series of events offered by the Learning Network in NW&Mann aimed at helping people listen for God’s invitation in their lives. Could you share this with anyone you think might find it helpful?


For many people, the changing world caused by Covid-19 has provoked questions about who we want to be and how we want to live our lives in the months and years ahead.

Whether in big decisions or small, we are all called to listen for God’s invitation to how we can best join in with what God is doing in the world.


RSVP is a series of Saturday morning sessions where we will consider how we pay attention to God’s invitation and how we understand what God’s calling might be in our lives.

Each session stands alone, and they fit together, so please do come to some or all.

The sessions are intended to offer you a focus for your discernment.


These sessions will be useful for:

•            those who want to reflect on how they can best respond to God’s invitation within their existing work, home or family lives.

•            those considering a ‘formal’ vocation in the church.

•            those wondering about a call to Christian mission or ministry outside of the church.

•            those exploring a call to serve God within the church in new or emerging ways


There will be teaching, group discussion, prayer and time to reflect on your own. We’ll also provide some optional materials to prepare before each session, and to aid your reflection afterwards. We encourage you to see the sessions and the optional explorations as one part of your discernment.


Theological Depth  I am really pleased to share with you information about three new ways for people to engage with theological development. There are three ways to get involved…

  • TBC – Theology Book Club is series of sessions for anyone interested in thinking about theology and reading theological books. We will look at one book a term (3 in total) and there will be two zoom sessions per term for people to come and discuss the book in a facilitated conversation.
  • Thinking Theology  is a series of sessions aimed at those (lay and ordained) leading others in theological enquiry. This is particularly useful for those who lead study groups, fellowship and bible study groups and for those who want to help the wider church to ‘think theologically’. We will offer a blended learning approach with material sent out before hand and a facilitated zoom conversation to embed learning. The material will offer tips and techniques for working with people who want to deepen their theological knowledge.
  • TRIP – Theological Reflection in Ministry is a series of sessions aimed at church leaders (lay and ordained) offering them the opportunity to reflect on the mission and ministry of the church in their context. The sessions will look at a particular theme through the four lenses of ‘Our Calling’. We will use a blended learning approach with material sent out before hand and a facilitated zoom conversation on each of the four elements of ‘Our Calling’.

We will be asking people to book in for the sessions with Rob on NWMannNetwork@gmail.com  

In the meantime, if you have any questions please do contact Simon on sutcliffes@methodistchurch.org.uk


Alison Ransome | Connexional Vocations Advisor & Regional Learning & Development Coordinator - North West & Mann 
The Connexional Team


Theology Book Club

All facilitated by Learning Network via Zoom 19:00-20:30.

10th November:

Book 1:The Psalms & Life of Faith by Walter Brueggemann

20th January & 30th March

Book 2: Life Together by Dietrich Bonheoffer

5th May & 5th July

Book 3: Dwelling in the Household of God by Mary L.Coloe


Thinking Theology

All facilitated by Learning Network via Zoom 19:00-20:30.

Term 1: Models of thinking theologically

30th November          Theology as attention

Terms 2 & 3: Sources for theological reflection

19th January              Scripture

8th February              Tradition

18th March                 Experience

28th April                    Reason

20th May                     Worship

30th June                   Truth


Theological Reflection in Practice

All facilitated by Learning Network via Zoom 14:00-15:30.

Leadership: collaboration and participation

12th January              Worship

10th February            Learning & Caring

11th March                 Service

6th May                       Evangelism


Dates for your diary: visit the District Website: www.barmd.org.uk




Dear All,

Welcome to the MWiB Spring mailing.

1. Together, with hope on the way:  Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April 2021
You will no doubt already be aware that we have taken this year's 'Swanwick' residential conference online. There will be conference worship, keynote sessions, discussion groups etc on Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning, and on Sunday afternoon we will be sharing in a time of celebration of the tenth anniversary of MWiB. For more details, and to register for the conference, see page 2 of the newsletter, and/or go to: https://mwib.org.uk/index.php/2021/01/15/swanwick-2021-together-with-hope-on-the-way/

Attached you will find:

~ Spring 2021 Newsletter
Also available to download at https://mwib.org.uk/index.php/2018/03/15/spring-2018-newsletter/

Prayer Diary for March - May 2021
Also available to download at https://mwib.org.uk/index.php/2017/07/29/prayer-diary-august-2017/

~ An advert for the role of Website and Social Media Coordinator. Please share this around your church, circuit and district as widely as possible, and forward to anyone you think may be interested. This is a voluntary part-time role, and may be particularly suitable for a young person, a student, or a recent retiree.

~ What's going on where you are?
With so many activities now taking place online, there are lots of opportunities to join with others around the connexion, to share in events we wouldn't otherwise necessarily be able to attend, and to encourage both them and ourselves. You can find details of some District MWiB events on the 'News and Events' page of the MWiB website - why not take a look, and join in an event? And please send details of your own online MWiB activities, so we can add them to the list.

~ And finally, a reminder that in between these quarterly mailings, you can keep up to date with MWiB related activities via our website (www.mwib.org.uk) and Facebook page (Methodist Women in Britain). (If you've requested to join the Facebook group and not yet been accepted,
please drop me an email and I'll get it sorted out asap!)

Best wishes

Judith R Simms
Communications Officer
Methodist Women in Britain


Christian Aid - Giving thanks for our vaccine appeal

Christian Aid has partnered with Bishop Rachel Treweek in the Diocese of Gloucester to create a bespoke appeal for people to give thanks for the vaccinations they or loved ones had received. 

Bishop Rachel Said: “Organisations such as Christian Aid are working with communities where the impact of Covid has added further pain, struggles and challenges o those which already existed, amid poverty, injustice and lack of resources.

The hope is that we will all wish to give generously to the work of Christian Aid from a place of thanksgiving, whether our generosity be a few pounds or a much larger sum. This is a way of us sharing Christ’s hope and love with our brothers and sisters across the world who are less fortunate than ourselves”.

This partnership has proved really successful and has now linked this with the Methodist District Circuit in Gloucestershire too. As a result serval other Dioceses and Methodist Districts have been in touch to request a similar offer. We would like to offer the Bolton and Rochdale Methodist District to create an appeal with us. 

The partnership will be hosted by yourselves, but we will set up the online donation page and provide the copy for your internal communications. One of the best parts about this appeal so far has been the fantastic messages from those donating, it has been an appeal that has brought joy to so many at a really difficult time. 


In more detail 

As more of our family, friends, and neighbours receive their COVID vaccine, we rejoice and are glad that our loved ones are protected. 

But many communities around the world are still at risk to the coronavirus pandemic and have no access to vaccines. Many of our global neighbours lack the basics they need to protect themselves like clean water and soap for handwashing. 

Christian Aid is there, helping keep people safe – but the need is still great. 

We’re offering people the opportunity to give thanks with a donation to help protect those who don't have access to a vaccine. You will have the opportunity to share your gratitude on this page when you donate. 

All donations will support Christian Aid's response to the coronavirus pandemic in affected communities around the world. Donations will go to our partners to support Hygiene Kits, PPE, Toilet and handwashing stations.  


If you would like to see how the appeal is hosted please follow this link.


If you would be interested in setting up this joyful way to celebrate vaccinations whilst supporting our brothers and sisters across the world please do email me and I will send you what we need to help set this up. 

Best wishes,

Darren Staunton
Church Engagement Fundraising Officer, North West
[Gr. Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside]

caid.org.uk | T: 01925 582 826 |  M: 07778 109 971 | dstaunton@christian-aid.org     


Church and me: conversations about lifting lockdown.

Is the church building going to open up again soon – am I ready for this? Many feel they cannot return yet, others are straining at the leash. What emotions and practical considerations are running through your head? Let’s take time to reflect and listen to our fears as well as our dreams. In a small group or with a friend or by yourself, ponder on these bite size conversation starters.


Coronavirus/ COVID 19

Government advice can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/staying-alert-and-safe-social-distancing/staying-alert-and-safe-social-distancing

Advice from Connexion (Methodist Church House is closed), being updated regularly  online at: https://www.methodist.org.uk/about-us/coronavirus/official-guidance/

Frequently Asked Questions: https://www.methodist.org.uk/about-us/coronavirus/official-guidance/#faqs


The Methodist News

The Media Office of The Methodist Church has changed “The Week Ahead” weekly e-bulletin, which has been replaced by “The Methodist News”.

If you don’t already receive this you can subscribe online at:-




A FREE phone service to hear prayers and news from the Methodist Church has been launched.

Listen to a prayer: 0808 281 2514

Listen to news: 0808 281 2478

Content is updated weekly on Thursday evening


A Methodist Way of Life

A Methodist Way of Life commitment card is available online at www.methodistchurch.org.uk/MWoL. Many people are downloading and finding it useful in this current situation.




Leigh & Hindley - Lay Pastor

A unique opportunity has arisen to be involved in the leadership and growth of two Methodist Churches in the Leigh and Hindley Methodist Circuit. As a Local Lay Pastoryou will walk along with the people of God, sharing in the good times and bad. You will have experience of leadingor assisting ina variety of forms of worship and be willing to be involved in a range of regular events and pastoral roles. Building up the churches, you’ll be at the front of developing links with the local communities they serve, all with a focus on sharing the good news of Jesus. If you have a love for people and a heart for evangelism, this role could be for you.

16 hours per week. Fixed 3 year appointment. Salary of £9,144.42

For further information and an informal conversation about the role, please contact Circuit Steward and Circuit Lay Employment Secretary, Mrs Jean Aldred (01942 882979).

Deadline for applications: Friday 7 th May 2021
Applications to be returned either by post or by email:
By Post
Circuit Office
Leigh and Hindley Methodist Circuit
Kingsleigh Methodist Church
King Street
By Email


Methodist Women in Britain are seeking a Website and Social Media Coordinator to work with the Communications Coordinator, Executive and Forum to keep the MWiB website and Facebook page regularly updated, and to develop an appropriate and ongoing social media strategy as this exciting and growing movement enters its second decade.

Beginning 1st September 2021, this is an open-ended volunteer appointment, primarily home-based, with the occasional online or face-to-face meeting with the Executive and Forum as required.

To find out more about MWiB, and to download an application pack, visit the MWiB website: www.mwib.org.uk or request by email from: admin@mwib.org.uk or by telephone: 0300 030 9873

There is no application deadline. If you’re interested in this role, please complete the application form and return to MWiB by email as above, or by post to: MWiB, c/o Touchstone, 4 Easby Road, Bradford BD7 1QX Methodist Women in Britain – For women, for justice, for Christ.


For employment and voluntary oportunities in the Methodist Church Connexionally: http://www.methodist.org.uk/about-us/connect/jobs-volunteering/



Advanced Module Training Dates – please visit the Events section of the District Website to book places on these training days.

Policies and guidance – the most recent are now available on the Methodist Church website: https://www.methodist.org.uk/for-ministers-and-office-holders/safeguarding/policies-procedure-and-information/policies-and-guidance/

District Safeguarding Officer: Email address Kev Brabrook - boltonandrochdaledso@dso.methodist.org.uk



Learning Network: North West & Mann Region

See:  www.methodist.org.uk/nwm

The Learning Network write a regular e-newsletter which is very informative. If you are new to the Region and / or don’t already receive this, please could you sign up by filling out your details here:https://www.methodist.org.uk/our-work/learning/network-regions/north-west-mann-region/subscribe-to-the-dmln-north-west-and-mann-newsletter/

Our Learning Network Team have various events and training coming up so please visit the website for further information of what is coming up - http://www.methodist.org.uk/learning/network-regions/north-west-mann-region

To book onto North West & Mann Region events contact Rob by email: - NWMannNetwork@gmail.com



General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on 25th May 2018.

Training and resources from TMCP are fine tuned for The Methodist Church context:



Dear Data Champions, 

The last months have been unprecedented and have thrown up new challenges.  As we learn to adapt to a 'new normal’ way of life, we need to remind ourselves that some things do not change.

We have seen the two year anniversary of the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 and although our main focus has been to ensure our premises remain a safe place for our members and users and navigating new recording systems of who is using our premises, we mustn’t forget our data protection responsibilities. As Christmas approaches and we move into the New Year, we are writing to let you know that we  have developed a Data Protection Annual Checklist to help Managing Trustees across the Connexion check that they are on top of their data protection responsibilities.

It is important that every Local Church, Circuit and District works through the Checklist on an annual basis.  

We are asking Managing Trustees to contact their District Data Champions in the first instance but TMCP, is of course on hand to guide you through any areas where further clarification is needed.   We also require that all Checklists are signed and dated by the Managing Trustees and forwarded to you so that you can keep a tally on who has undertaken the exercise and those which have not. The District will need to keep a register of who has completed the checklist and provide a copy to TMCP each year in May, to coincide with the anniversary of GDPR. The first checklists will need to be completed by May 2021 and the list sent to TMCP by each District. This is a requirement to demonstrate assurance by the Districts to the Controller, being TMCP.

If anyone in your District would like to discuss further what the role of being a Data Champion entails then please contact us on: dataprotection@tmcp.org.uk.

Best wishes,

Laura Carnall
Data Privacy Manager

Direct Dial: 0161 235 6777

Work mobile: 07880 191810


HOW TO BECOME A FAIR TRADE CHURCH: The three goals: To be part of the campaign by becoming a Fairtrade Church, please register with us www.fairtrade.org.uk/en/get-involved/in-your-community/faith-groups/fairtrade-churches