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MWiB Easter Offering 2021 - recorded service and donating information


We are delighted to announce the completion of the promised video-recording of this year's Easter Offering Service, 'Into all the world', which is now available for you to watch on our brand new MWiB YouTube channel. The video has been produced by the MWiB Executive, and lasts around 45 minutes. With the text of the service on screen, and recordings of hymns and songs to join in with, the video is ideal particularly for smaller groups (if able to meet) and for individuals to watch at home.

If you're unable to meet, why not arrange a time for your group to watch it at home 'together-apart', and perhaps arrange an online/Zoom chat over coffee afterwards?

You will also find at the end of the service the following information regarding payment of donations to the Easter Offering (and please note especially that however you make your donation, you need to reference it for "Easter Offering 2021", so that it can be counted in this year's total):

~ Any offerings made via the EO service are wholly donated to the World Mission Fund. If you would like to donate directly, via the Just Giving page, please visit and reference your donation with EO Service 2021. You can also access this page via the Methodist Church website ( when you search for World Mission Fund.

~ If you would like to make an offering in your usual way, please contact your treasurer with the offering and make sure they know it is for the World Mission Fund.

~ Offerings can also be made to the WMF via Bank Transfer with the reference EO 2021. You can access this information from your church or regional group.

The link to the YouTube video is:

All of this information, with accompanying links, is available on the MWiB website: www,

Best wishes

Judith R Simms
Communications Officer
Methodist Women in Britain


Dear All,

Welcome to the MWiB Spring mailing.

1. Together, with hope on the way:  Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April 2021
You will no doubt already be aware that we have taken this year's 'Swanwick' residential conference online. There will be conference worship, keynote sessions, discussion groups etc on Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning, and on Sunday afternoon we will be sharing in a time of celebration of the tenth anniversary of MWiB. For more details, and to register for the conference, see page 2 of the newsletter, and/or go to:

Attached you will find:

~ Spring 2021 Newsletter
Also available to download at

~ Prayer Diary for March - May 2021
Also available to download at

~ An advert for the role of Website and Social Media Coordinator. Please share this around your church, circuit and district as widely as possible, and forward to anyone you think may be interested. This is a voluntary part-time role, and may be particularly suitable for a young
person, a student, or a recent retiree.

~ What's going on where you are?
With so many activities now taking place online, there are lots of opportunities to join with others around the connexion, to share in events we wouldn't otherwise necessarily be able to attend, and to encourage both them and ourselves. You can find details of some District MWiB events on the 'News and Events' page of the MWiB website - why not take a look, and join in an event? And please send details of your own online MWiB activities, so we can add them to the list.

~ And finally, a reminder that in between these quarterly mailings, you can keep up to date with MWiB related activities via our website ( and Facebook page (Methodist Women in Britain). (If you've requested to join the Facebook group and not yet been accepted,
please drop me an email and I'll get it sorted out asap!)

Best wishes

Judith R Simms
Communications Officer
Methodist Women in Britain



Following the huge disappointment of having to cancel the weekend at Swanwick in 2020, we have been determined to offer something in 2021, but sadly, we have made the decision not to meet face to face at Swanwick because of the ongoing uncertainties of life with Covid 19, and
the need to keep everyone as safe as possible. However, we are delighted to be able to invite you to ‘Together, with Hope on the Way’, an online conference taking place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April 2021. It will be different to our previous conferences, but nevertheless is an exciting new venture, which will be accessible to a wider audience.

Our keynote speaker Sister Imelda Poole will be joining us ‘virtually’ from Albania, to talk about her work educating and training young people to help prevent them becoming trafficked. There will also be worship, prayer and Bible study, plus news and information on the work of the
World Federation, and a chance for us to celebrate 'together' the tenth anniversary of MWiB.

You can find more information and register your interest now on the MWiB website:

I hope you'll consider joining us - and please pray for the conference as we continue to prepare and as we meet online.


Methodist Women in Britain


Currently the only circuits of this district that are involved in MWiB are Bolton, Farnworth and Worsley, Bury, Leigh and Hindley, half of the District’s circuits.

It would be wonderful if the whole District discovered what MWiB has to offer as an interesting, stimulating and exciting movement, “concerned to know Christ and make him known”, through creative spirituality and support for women world wide.

If you have internet access do have a look at the web-site 

MWiB is a registered charity, governed by 31 district forum reps and 5 executives, all volunteers.

A pack of Spiritual and Practical resources for Dementia Friendly Churches, was launched by MWiB two years ago and is still available.

Our District MWiB have contributed and had Fund Raising events, towards a National effort to help the Dalit women and girls of Northern India, the money raised has been used to build and fund a school especially for these girls.

The women involved in District and Circuit events organise the Easter offering envelope collection, and organise the Circuit services as part of the Easter offering events.

Our District MWiB meet four times a year, January and June are our Business meetings and all are welcome, the District days are twice a year in March and October. These take place at various churches around the district, and focus on many subjects. At the October meeting we shall be “Welcoming our new president”

Also meeting a former Vice president of the Methodist church.


Do get in touch with any of the officers in this district to learn more.


The officers from March 2020 are :-

President.          Mrs. Vera Nelson -

Vice president    Rev Anne Cash -

Secretary.         Philippa Hill -

Treasurer          Mrs Glennys Astley -

Forum Rep        Philippa Hill -